Digital Terrain
Logistics Standard (DTLS)

BauApp’s new Digital Terrain Logistics Standard apps based on standardized material recognition revolutionizes the industry.


Issue tracking,
Doc. management


Automatic revision and approval processes. Record issues straight on blueprints.


warehouse module


The digital inventory of your valueable tools. Where and who is working with it?


Up to 30 days test period

Cost efficiency in construction
with BauApp apps


Digital Site Management



15% more efficiency

Reduce reworks, keep track of your sites.



30% less administration

Save 7 hours every week: automated reports.



Value protection

Digital monitoring of valuable tools and equipments.



Clear flow of data between roles

All workflows of the construction site is digitally monitored, HQ has up-to-date reports.

Control, Profit, BauApp

Powered By Mobilengine



“Digital Site Management”
More control, margin and profitability
Digital: mobile and paperless
Site: designed based on industry experience for the construction site
Management: empowering mid and top management.



BauApp products are built on the Mobilengine platform. With 10 years of experience and over 1,000 enterpise deployments in the US, Europe and Australia, Mobilengine is a popular enterprise mobile app development platform for robust B2B apps.



100% business continuity.
Our mobile apps work seamlessly in areas without mobile data coverage.



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